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Welding Supply Store is officially open!      In addition to custom welding services,  we are now a WESCO reseller.  Anything available at WESCO can be ordered for pick up in Navarre.
Online purchasing is not available, but prices are listed in "Shop". 
Shipping can be arranged by phone.

about me

On 1 Feb 2019, I retired after 24 years with the Air Force.

I have 3 daughters. 

On 12 Nov 2021 we have officially opened the Welding Supply store with gas cylinder exchange.  The closest other gas cylinder exchange is in Ft Walton and charge almost double what we charge.  The only other option is to drive 70 miles round trip to Pensacola.  We have partnered with Wesco as a "reseller".  Anything and everything sold at Wesco can be ordered and available within a few days.  My in stock item are now visible in "SHOP" including the following items and more:

11# mig wire spools

1# aluminum spools

7018 and 6011 x1/8 rods

TIG filler rods (308 and 4043)

gloves, jackets, abrasives, cut wheels, grind rocks, flap discs, wire wheels, brushes, tungsten, 2450 batteries, gas cylinders, etc.

Gas available:

Argon, 75/25, Helium tri-mix, oxygen, acetylene, food grade CO2. 


I created my Limited Liability Corporation in May of 2018.  I am available for mobile welding/on site completely self contained.

It started with a hobby...

 8441 East Bay Blvd(399) near HWY 87

Ten years ago I began welding as a hobby.  After making a repair to my truck, I wondered what else I could do with my welder.  Most of my free time was spent trying to learn how to weld better.  My progress was slow, but my welds were improving.  August of 2016 I started a formal welding class at Okaloosa Technical College.  The class showed me how much I DIDN'T know!  I now have an official American Welding Society certification.  I completed my 1,050 hour class 16 Feb 2018. 

What can I do for you?  My skill set has drastically increased and my equipment is being upgraded as my income allows. 


As of August 2021, I have an Everlast 256D AC/DC TIG/stick welder/Plasma  and 2x ESAB 215 multi-process welders and

a Lincoln Power Mig 210.

Services offered: 

MIG: steel, aluminum, and stainless.

TIG: brass, copper, bronze, steel, aluminum, and stainless. 

Stick: cast iron, steel, and stainless.

 My truck is now a self-contained mobile welding unit. 

 I have an Oxygen-Acetylene Torch.  Need some metal cut?  I can help you with that! 

What makes me different from other welding shops?  I'll return your call and I'll make time for the small job.  If you need it welded RIGHT NOW, I can help you.

See below for "RFN pricing".

Currently, I have access to a CNC Plasma-cutting table and can take orders for special projects (During normal School year)


***Projects I have completed recently:

* Extensive trailer repair-Frame, hinges, ramp

* Lion Transfer Chute at GB Zoo

* Rhino containment gate at GB Zoo

* Structural Aluminum support poles for hotel stairs.

* 36" Silhouette logo for St. Michael's Brewery

 *Cast iron bench repair

*Jet-ski trailer repair (Aluminum)

*Stainless restaurant equipment

*On-site steel handrail repair

*Utility Trailer rebuild (Steel)

*Veterinary exam table extension (Stainless)

*Back-splash/shelf for restaurant(Stainless)

*Heavy-Duty cart for sandblasting vehicles

*Handrail repair ON SITE (Aluminum)

*Restaurant sink ON SITE repair(Stainless)

*Mower deck repairs

*exact replacement for mower clutch/handle

*hitch carrier modification with kayak rack

*Custom bike rack/hitch carrier

*and my signature weather-vanes


Again, what can I do for you?

If it is metal, the answer is yes! 

Service calls start at $368 (after 2hrs add normal hourly rate)

Immediate/after hours/weekend service 

 add $250+

Aluminum (MIG) - $135 hr

Stainless steel (MIG)- $150 hr

regular (mild) steel (MIG)  - $120 hr

Galvanized steel - $150 hr

TIG Welding (any metal) - $120 hr

Oxy-acetylene cutting - Starting @ $50

For small items, prices can be prorated for 1/2 hr



Navarre, Florida (call for directions)

850-376-8945  call or text

PayPal payments send to RESQHERK@HOTMAIL.COM

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